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Points to Remember for CNG Cylinder testing

 Dear Customer, CNG is a safe & economical fuel alternative to Gasoline (Petroleum). CNG is now available in more than 25% of Indian Cities & National highways. It is now important to bring your attention to the safety concerns of CNG Vehicles. Take proper care of your CNG-fitted vehicles. Following are the main point to remember :
  • Periodic Leakage Test of CNG gas from regulator & connecting pipes
  • Periodic Testing of CNG Cylinders as per Government Norms.
  • Keep your Cylinder neat & clean and keep away it from rusting.
  • Run your vehicle at least 50 km per month on petrol without refueling of CNG
  • Maintenance of CNG Kits & Spare Parts.
  • Onetime Service of Vehicle & Timely Change of Spark Plugs

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